Costa Rica Yoga Spa

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Nestled on the mountain of a private ranch in Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica Yoga Spa overlooks wonderful nature and ocean view. This resort is located between the magical waters of the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montaña and awe-inspiring Refugio National Silvestre Vida Ostional National Park. This resort is hosted by a big farm and features Yoga Rancho, Jungle Lodge, Organic Gardens, a handful of private lots and office. During your vacation at this resort you will get deliciously fresh, primary vegetarian cuisine that will make your senses get delighted. All of those dishes are prepared with organic products which are grown on the ranch or collected from local farms. The surrounding area of the resort offers plenty of options to enjoy a variety of activities and make your vacation memorable.

Jungle Lodge:

Featured with private and private and shared suites upstairs, this beautiful Jungle Lodge has spacious, covered patio balconies. Those balconies overlook stunning views of the surrounding area and ideal for enjoying some tranquil time with a fresh morning coffee, tea or smoothie. This jungle house is ideally designed with the capacity to hold up to 26 guests. There are comfortable quad-shared accommodations on the main floor and those are featured with two bunk beds each, a separate desk and also a sitting area with separate closets for each guest. In those rooms you will also find modern shared bathrooms which are designed in a spacious and eco friendly way. Maid service, laundry service, wifi connection and many more facilities are also included with the accommodation facilities.

Yoga Rancho:

This 50-foot tall structure is designed in Costa Rican traditional style. Constructed with native teak, it is absolutely ideal setting for practicing yoga workouts or dancing. At the time of practicing your workouts in its open-air climate, you will also enjoy watching an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. This Yoga Rancho can accommodate 30 yoga students and more for other programs.

Organic Food & Gardens:

You will enjoy great hospitality at this resort and will enjoy having healthy delicious food. There are full time gardeners whose job is to collect fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs daily and seasonally from the lush jungle ranch and organic gardens. With those organic products, kitchen staff usually decides the meal to prepare and serve to its guests.


Costa Rica Yoga Spa offers a variety of activities to choose from. In the surrounding area you can enjoy a variety of adventure and fun activities such as zip-lining and gliding above the lush jungle canopy. You can also go to the natural waterfall pool to have refreshing dip after the canopy tour. For exploring stunning wildlife and thriving nature, you can go to the Rio Montana. You can also go for a guided tour to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge and go to the nesting sites for Olive Ridley sea turtles. If you want to learn how to surf, you can take a surf lesson and enjoy a thrilling experience.


Costa Rica Yoga Spa

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