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There are many people out there who got all the riches in the world. They buy and eat anything they desire with no limitations whatsoever. However when these rich people get sick, can their money buy them wealth? This is the reason why doctors keep on reminding people about the famous saying that says “Health is Wealth”. A prerequisite to this saying is another passage that says “You are what you eat”. Upon reflecting upon these two powerful lines, we are reminded of how important it is for us to watch what we cook and what we eat. Good thing Living Light Culinary Institute has an answer to this dilemma. That is, promoting healthy food lifestyle through the use of raw vegan education. With the classes that they offer, they could teach you how to prepare foods for living and even enrich your expertise in cooking with duly approved certification from California gourmet raw cuisine.

Easy to Access

Living Light Culinary Institute is very easy to reach as they make themselves available both online and through phone access. One could simply look up on their website for schedule of culinary retreats and have themselves scheduled through the website’s online registration and reservation. Students who avail and made reservations may then check in on Living Light Inn which is very eco-friendly and affordable as well. The Inn features private or shared rooms perfect to suit student’s preference. They also welcome viewers on live segments for observation purposes and free-tasting events. The institute is beautifully equipped with quality video and audio services that make students catch up very well with cooking lessons.

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Cooking Classes

Experience fitness and wealth with Living Light Culinary Institute as their food recipes which are exclusively organic, allows each individual to lose some weight and stay fit along with happy and contented personalities. Each student will be more energetic and glowing as they enhance their natural glow with detoxifying raw foods present on the ingredients. Not only will you lavish on these offers as the courses at Living Light which ranges from day one up to the tenth week is guaranteed to teach its students with nutritious and delicious raw food items that is perfect to be served for both friends and family on any occasions. Be with the school that teaches the most complete and comprehensive cooking education available in the entire world. Learn from the experts through demonstrations showcasing techniques that could never be found on other culinary schools and prepare to unravel within you the hidden skills and talents that awaits to be awakened by this world-class training.

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Having second thoughts about the things that they could offer? You may take our word with that and ask other commendable search engines and you’d find that their standards in the cooking industry stand out among the rest. The Living Light Culinary Institute is a strong going establishment which operates with credibility since January 1, 2010. Being granted for operation by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), students are assured to have the maximum standard and the highest level of certification they could possibly attain after proper training. Now the choice for staying healthy and wealthy lies at your fingertips! Contact us and feel free to discuss with us your plans of enhancing your cooking talents more!


Living Light Culinary Institute 
301-B North Main Street 
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Contact Number:  800.816.2319 • 707.964.2420