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Rochelle Ballard, a professional female surfer and veteran of the Association of Surfing Professional’s (ASP) World Championship Tour, is considered one of the best female tube riders in the world. She believes Surfing and yoga is a way of life that serves up constant lessons. Rochelle is one of the most influential female surfers of our time who has lived the life of a giant through the body of a tiny woman.  Since her youth she has been working for the progression of women’s surfing.

Throughout her career, she has been adamant about giving back, be it for women’s surfing or the environment and community. During her tenure on the ASP World Tour, coupled with her work with the movie Blue Crush – on and off screen – she fueled a generation of women surfers. After becoming a massage therapist and a yoga teacher Rochelle began offering wellness packages to share different modalities with visitors, locals, and surfers. As women’s surfing began to move from obscure beachbreaks to the Outer Reefs like Cloudbreak and Teahupoo, Ballard led the way, often at risk of her own health. Passionately sprouted from the seeds of surfing, Surf Into Yoga Wellness Packages are the combination of Rochelle’s unique personal know-how as a professional athlete and bodywork facilitator, encouraging a growing consciousness of mind, body, spirit, and the footprints we leave on this planet.

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Surf with a Pro

Enjoy private coaching and lessons, surfing and stand-up paddle riding throughout your visit in the Islands, the perfect place for hard-core relaxation or high-level training. Learn from an expert and have fun from the first try. Improve your skills, learn ocean awareness and heighten your wave knowledge. While in the water, you will be coached by some of the best water men and women in the world on how to read the waves, positioning, and wave-riding etiquette.

Group and Private Yoga

Rochelle offers daily Group and Private Yoga classes. Some students may be intimidated by the group classroom environment. Rochelle’s Private yoga classes are a great way to begin or deepen a personal yoga practice. On the other hand whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, small group yoga sessions are a great way to share feelings and experiences. Surf into Yoga offers a commitment to the improvement of your physical and mental health through focus on exercise, bodywork, healing foods, self-development and closeness with nature. 

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Massage and Wellness

When things get stressful and hectic, it’s important to take time for yourself to unwind and relax. Surf into Yoga is pleased to offer massage and wellness services through the Health and Wellness Center. Massage is a powerful ally on your path to health and wellness. Massage Therapy offers a variety of benefits to those suffering from stress and anxiety as well as individuals seeking to improve their physical condition. Surf into Yoga facilitators are well trained and experienced in an array of qualifications, studied around the world and right here in Hawaii. They offer various Message and Wellness services including:






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