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Surf Life Retreats are a combination of surfing, yoga. Rick, the founder of Surf Life Retreats said that his mission is to give the visitors a totally different and profound experience of life. While staying at the retreats you will feel the interconnection with your own self, with nature, with the Supreme Power. You might have to keep yourself busy in daily responsibilities and can not get time for your own self. If you want to go on a holiday and get some time to be relaxed, then it is the time to take a journey in Surf Life Retreats which will let you have a positive change in your life and you will have a more organized life.

Sur Life Retreat will help you to discover what is really important for you and what is true life. This holiday will help you to get clear on what you want your life to be about, to find out new ways of approaching life and the new ways of making decisions.

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Surf Life Retreats in Bali:

In Indonesia, between the islands of Java and Lombok, Bali is one of the 17,000 islands. For Surfing and Yoga Retreats Bali is an amazing place. You will find so much beauty out in the bukit. The waves of Bali are insane which makes the surfing more enjoyable.


The place you will stay is simple but beautiful as it is surrounded by natural beauty. You will find front row seats to the ocean in all her blue majesty. You will have to walk a lot of stairs as  the house is at the bottom of a cliff. On a big oceanfront deck there is a kitchen and tables and chairs and couches. There are two largish bedrooms and each of those have a giant king sized bed plus a single bed, a large ensuite bathroom with hot water shower and toilet and also have AC. There are also other two bedrooms are in the upper back part of the house with ocean views and a queen bed and standing fans but there are no bathrooms so people who will stay in these rooms will have to use shared bathroom with shower/toilet/sink.

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Surf Life Retreat Yoga and Surfing:

Surf Life Retreats offer Yoga as this discipline helps us to tune our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. These retreats also offer surfing and surfing is total fun. It helps us to make our body flexible, balanced and also make our mind concentrated, focused. We can tune out or tune into the outside world. We can get a heavenly experience while playing on the waves of life. Surfing helps us to align with the world around us.

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People who are invited:

Surf Life Retreats are for those people who are young in their physical structure and those are at heart, and for those who are generally young adults. People who want to find the true meaning of life, want to enjoy each moment of life, want to change their lives in any and all ways they can join the Surf Life Retreats. People who want to do something positive for the world, people who have any types of depression or frustration in their life and want get relieved from those sufferings, people who are already successful in their life and want to enjoy more, people who want to serve people with their achievement, people who want to feel the good feelings always, people who want to overcome their limitations and want to judgment free, people who don’t feel to take any risk, to fall and to get back up, Surf Life Retreats are specially customized for all of them.


Surf Life Retreats