Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten’s Yoga Hall

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Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, two of todays most respected yoga teachers, are extraordinary guides to the world of the inner self. Yoga is not only an exercise method for them; rather it is a way to unbury many ‘energies’ of life. They believe yoga not only helps us explore life’s light and playful sides, but also some shadowy ones. Their explorations can help you understand your inner body.

participants with angela and victor during a yoga session

Unlike popular power yoga, their yoga is enlightening, soothing, and relaxing which eventually moves toward a kind of grace. Angela and Victor use visualization techniques and imagery from nature in relation to the body while exploring inner body energy. This is a unique and unparalleled way to explain and explore human body.

Angela and Victor watching sky

Their wise, profound and delightfully opening work helps a lot of people understand the true nature of human life. They teach how to get rid of negative vibrations including hostility, irritation, lonesomeness and frustration. They show, through their unique teaching method, how to focus on positive aspects of life.

smiling face of Angela and Victor

This famous yogi couple is now doing and teaching yoga for over than 30 years. They started their yoga journey with Iyengar yoga. After working on Iyengar yoga for many years, they started developing a unique teaching method called “Unwinding Yoga”. Angela and Victor are a very happy couple, and wonderfully supplement each other. Angela is very elegant, lovely, and flexible. Through applying intuitive approach and using a lot of metaphorical phrases, Angela makes his teaching interesting and distinctive. Victor brightens up any serious atmosphere with his jokes, brings philosophic  standpoint into discussion of body works, and gives clear explanations about bio-mechanics of the process.

a group of people doing yoga with angena and victor

They share their experiences and offer yoga classes not only in USA but also in Europe. They have been traveling around the world and help people explore the true nature of Yoga. Unlike other instructors, they give classes in quite a soft and relaxed mode. They inspire students to go beyond traditional techniques of structural movement to allow the creative and intuitive spirit to emerge.

angela and victor practicing yoga


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