Yoga Teacher Training

Group of people practicing Yoga

Yoga is an ancient philosophical practice which helps us harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. This technique consists of many physical, mental, emotional workouts and also some breathing exercises, meditation processes. If we think about physically, Yoga enhances well-being and brings balance, flexibility, strength and liveliness. On a mental level, Yoga improves our concentration, memory, focus, steadiness, and sharpens intellect. Ultimately Yoga helps us to maintain a happy, healthy, peaceful, harmonious and balanced life.


In today’s busy life, people have to face many problems which create enormous stress on their mind and they want to overcome all the stresses. So many of them join Yoga studios and seek proper guidance of an expert Yoga teacher. As the demand of Yoga studios are increasing, the profession of being a Yoga teacher is also getting popular. There are many Yoga studios and retreats which our now arranging Yoga teacher training program. Yogis who are practicing Yoga for several years and experienced enough, they can take Yoga teacher training and after completing the training properly, can start own studio and guide other people how to practice Yoga.


A typical Yoga Teacher Training program usually offers highly trained aspiring teachers, current teachers, and serious students get the opportunity to deepen their practice, unlock their potential and also get a nurturing team environment in which they will learn to evolve as teachers, will be able to make a career out of yoga and transform their lives through yoga.


Yoga teacher training program is not only for the participants who want to become Yoga teacher but also for those people who want to enhance teaching skills or wish to develop personal practice. Participants will be able to enrich personal practice and teach authentically.  This type of training program is not only designed to shed light on different aspects of Yoga, but actually to teach the participant how to lead a safe, effective and fun class.  Here are some essential points which are usually included in a Yoga teacher training:


  1. The participant will learn how to develop a teaching manual.
  2. Learn how to organize a comfortable, sound and beautiful place for the students.
  3. Learn what types of yoga equipments they will refer to the students to use in class.
  4. Learn teaching etiquette such as taking permission before touching the students.
  5. Learn how to give safe and effective guideline to the students so that they can practice without getting any injury.
  6. Learn how to sequence physical postures in a fluid manner and also the breathing exercises.
  7. Learn how to encourage and inspire the students.
  8. Learn what should be the body language and how to teach with voice and hands.
  9. Learn how to understand the student’s physical and mental condition.
  10. Learn how to develop presentation and communication skills so that he/she can deliver a class in a concise manner.
  11. Learn how to develop connectivity with all students.
  12. Learn the business side of running a Yoga studio by marketing properly.


Though there are some common criteria, each and every Yoga teacher training program is different in their approach. While deciding to join a Yoga teacher training, one should know properly about the method that program will include and should ensure whether that particular method the participant will follow in his/her Yoga profession or not. If anybody wants to make a career based on Yoga, he/she must take training under the guidance of an expert.