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Founded on the yogic principle of non-greed, for the cultivation of contentment, Santosha Yoga is working to bring a positive change in the world. Nurturing and supportive learning environment is the most important features of Santosha Yoga where instructors share their wealth of knowledge.

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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is an ancient philosophical text. In it, he defines yoga as citta vrtti nirodah, which translates as “the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” Patanjali’s described his famous eight-limb path as the means of ceasing  the fluctuations of the mind. The core of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is an eight-limbed path that forms the structural framework for yoga practice.

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The 2nd limb of the Eightfold Path is: Niyama – Non-control. There are also five guidelines of non-control. Niyamas are observances concerning how we treat ourselves. There are five parts to this limb: Saucha (purity), Tapas (austerity), Santosha (contentment), Svadhyaya (study), Ishvar Pranidhana (surrender). The second niyama is that of santosha or contentment. Santosha involves the practice of gratitude and joyfulness—maintaining calm at all costs.

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Sunny Richards-Glasser


Sunny Richards-Glasser is the founder/director of Santosha Yoga. Sunny trained professionally at the ACPE in high school physical education, graduating in 1986. In 1989, she was drawn into surfing as a result of her love for water and the sport. She has a background as a professional surfer and has combined her love for both the ocean and yoga to create a haven of well-being at Santosha. As well as developing one of the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Trainings and Post/ Pre Natal and Children’s Yoga Trainings programs available today, Santosha offers unique yoga and surfing, retreats for individuals and families, at a range of stunning locations and online.

200hrs YTT

Yoga Teacher Training


200 hour study program covers everything from yoga history and philosophy, the eight limbs, anatomy and physiology and how to run a successful yoga business. It requires a commitment to learn not only about the art, science and philosophy that is yoga; but also to learn about yourself.

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You will come away with increased knowledge, improved skills, keener awareness, a deeper appreciation for yoga, new friendships and a rejuvenated sense of self. You will come away with Santosha.


Santosha Yoga

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