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rejuvenate with jan

Rejuvenate with Jan Detox Cleansing Californian Retreat is the first step to being and feeling happy and alive.  Rejuvenate with Jan is one of the most effective programs to detox along with aiding in making real life changing and lasting results quickly.  This 5-day Juice Fasting Detox Cleansing is for both mental and physical well-being.  Rejuvenate with Jan will give you a new meaning of life with more will-power, clarity and the motivation to make life changes needed in your life.  This detox cleanse is rebooting your system for a fresher, healthier you. 


Rejuvenate with Jam Cleansing Fast Californian Retreat is located in two locations, Lake La Quinta Inn and Lido Palms Resort and Spa.  Lake La Quinta Inn features intimate and private Inn of 13 rooms located in the warm desert city of La Quinta California with most rooms featuring a fireplace and lake views.  The Lido Palms Resort and Spa is in a calm, tranquil, peaceful setting encased by tall, majestic palm trees featuring indoor or outdoor hot mineral pools.  Both sites only have fasters on site in the suites.

Rejuvenate with Jan fresh juice

Retreat Facilities

Retreat facilities located at both Lake La Quinta and Lido Palms Resort & Spa features tranquil and intimate settings with either 10 or 13 rooms especially for fasters.  Both sites focus on calm, peaceful settings for the ultimate benefits of the fasting detox cleansing experience.  Rejuvenate with Jan includes lectures and classes for support during the detoxification and transformation.  Transformation breathing is featured with a renowned facilitator that inspires.  Yoga and meditation classes are also provided to balance and heal your body through your process.  Lastly, colon cleansing is available due the importance of a complete cleanse to totally rid your body of toxins administered by a Colon Therapist.

Rejuvenate with Jan health retreat

Other Facilities

Rejuvenate with Jan is a different cleanse experience, and one that has the opportunity to make long lasting life improvements. The process with Rejuvenate with Jan is not self-guided, but aided by Jan being there as your guide through the detox to gain the maximum benefits for change.  Spas and saunas are used at both locations for Rejuvenate with Jan that are used for weight loss, to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, skin purification and rejuvenation and relaxation.


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