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Ocean Sound (dive+yoga)

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Ocean Sound offers diving session as well as Yoga session for the beginners and advanced level people. If you are interested in diving but not familiar with water then take the Ocean Sound dive trip. Ocean Sound will help you get the most out of each breath, whether taken above or below sea level. It’s no matter if you are longing to take the adventure of first breaths underwater or develop your diving skill, Ocean Sound will help you explore the waters of Koh Tao.

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Utopia Village

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Utopia Village

Utopia Village is a small Eco friendly dive resort located in the Western Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. This place is perfect for the people who love adventure scuba diving, yoga and to take spa . This casually elegant Caribbean hotel is set in the lush tropical jungle right on a quarter mile of beautiful sandy beach with abundant coral reefs. If you are a diver you you will delight in the purple sea fan garden, explore the variety of marine life including  turtles, rays, lobster, Queen Angels and much more.

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Ak’bol Yoga Retreat

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Akbol's yoga

Ak’bol Yoga Retreat center started its journey 20 years ago. Its owner Milio and Kirsten made a dream come true. It is the place where you can spoil yourself silly with affordable natural spa treatments and renew your spirit with Maya healings. You are welcomed at Ak’bol all year round. While staying in this retreat you will feel ancient rhythms of the island, you will be connected with nature. Each morning you will be awaken to the sound of tropical birds, salute the sun peaking over the reef each morning, and enjoy the sun set later over the lagoon. 

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Inner Space Yoga and Scuba Retreat

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Inner Space retreat center

Inner Space Yoga and Scuba Retreat is for the people who want to escape from the daily busy life and want to stay at a place for re-invigoration and relaxation. Inner Space Yoga and Sacuba Retreat center is surrounded with westerly panoramic views over the shimmering Greek islands surrounding Paros island which is near the center of the Cyclades islands. The Retreat  has commanding views down to the pretty fishing village of Aliki. You will be welcomed by  Marina and Martyn. This retreat center is only 5 minute drive from the local small airport or 15 minutes from the port of Paroikia. But most of the guests fly to Mykonos then take the 35 minute ferry to Paros, or to Athens and then ferry from Piraeus or Rafina port on HighSpeed (3 hours) or Blue Star ferries (5 hours).

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New Heaven Dive School Koh Tao

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Infront of New Heaven Diving School

New Heaven Dive School was established on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand in 1995. It is, one of the first dive school on the island, a family owned business. This school offers all SSI an PADI dive courses from beginner to professional levels. So, if you are a beginner or want to develop your diving skill then you can join the courses. Only 4 people can join the courses together. You will meet professional staff who are able to provide a unique and personalized diving experience. 

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Dive Butler International

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Diving Butler fleet

People who like to dive and practice Yoga, they can enjoy a true luxury scuba diving experience offered by Dive Butler International. You can go with a group or chose a private trip. Dive Butler will provide experienced PADI instructors who are multilingual with additional skills such as Pilates, Underwater Videography or Marine Biology & conservation and are experienced in handling high profile clients. They will teach you and qualify you in any area of scuba diving.  

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