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People who like to dive and practice Yoga, they can enjoy a true luxury scuba diving experience offered by Dive Butler International. You can go with a group or chose a private trip. Dive Butler will provide experienced PADI instructors who are multilingual with additional skills such as Pilates, Underwater Videography or Marine Biology & conservation and are experienced in handling high profile clients. They will teach you and qualify you in any area of scuba diving.  


In the field of true luxury ‘Rendezvous’ diving, Dive Butler International are pioneers, who offers ‘Rendezvous’ luxury scuba diving instructors, private personal scuba guides, diving  itinerary services, dive management and consulting services all around the world. Its objective is to provide safe, seamless, luxury scuba diving services  for the beginners as well as for the experienced scuba divers. Its service is tailored to your party’s specific needs and skills. For everyone Butler International.

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Diving for all:

You can enjoy  luxury 5 Star resorts, super yachts, charter companies, VIP individuals and the luxury scuba diving market. Whichever and whenever your private yacht or at a dive destination of your choosing, Dive Butler International will be there for you bringing luxury scuba diving to new heights focusing strongly on service, safety, environmental awareness and conservation. It gives priority to the specific needs and skills of all of its clients. For every clients, Dive Butler International guarantee the adventure of a lifetime. If you wish to learn how to dive, or have a private dive buddy, organize the dive trip of a lifetime, dive master or want to dive business management and consultant expertise, Dive Butler International will provide the solution.  You might be anxious to send your kids for diving but Dive Butler International is children friendly and take every safety measure necessary to ensure that your little ones have a great and safe experience when diving. So you don’t need to be worried , just take your kids for diving and make a memorable experience for your entire life.

Diving equipments

Diving Equipment:

For a safe diving trip you need to use perfect equipment ans the equipment used in scuba diving is a life support so it is very important to ensure proper maintenance by skilled and certified technicians. Regular logged checks are conducted on all equipment used by Dive Butler International during your private diving trip.

Have a Safe Dive:

Dive Butler International aim to  standard operating procedures that will ensure the safety of divers at all levels and guest on board private diving charters.


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