Yasodhara Ashram

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Yasodhara Ashram

Yasodhara Ashram is a yoga retreat, a vibrant spiritual community and study centre established by Swami Sivananda Radha in 1963, in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia, Canada. A visit to Yasodhara provides an opportunity for in-depth self-enquiry and harmonious living. People of all ages and backgrounds are welecomed in this centre to pursue their development and discover the promise of Yoga. In this centre people work together to expand their awareness and bring the teachings of Yoga to life.  


Yasodhara Ashram is still an enduring and vibrant spiritual community, 50 years after it was founded. Its purpose is to stimulate open intellectual and spiritual enquiry, supporting the potential of transformation in each person.  This Ashram offers a wide range of Yoga programs year round-from a three-month intensive, teacher certification, private tours, and introductions to Yoga. If you are interested in Karma Yoga, or the yoga of selfless service, spiritual practice then Yasodhara Ashram is the perfect place for you. This is a residontial community,  with a small number of full-time residents, swamis and bramacharyas. Over 1000 people pass through the Ashram in a year. The number of people living, working and studying at Yasodhara at any given time ranges from 50-120 people. This is also home to the Temple of Divine Light, which recognizes the Light in all religions and the divine spark in each person.



In the guest accommodation of Yasodhara Ashram, there are rooms designed for comfortable, shared accommodation. Upon request single rooms may be also arranged for an additional fee. There are two primary guest lodges-Saraswati Lodge and the Barn. There are also a number of other residences that house short and long-term residents. For men and women there are seperate residences available. You can stay with your family together in neighbouring rooms or the accommodations arranged by the ashram.

People enjoying delicious meals at Yashodhara Ashram


While staying at the Ashram, you will have nourishing meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and the meals are served in the dining room or on the deck from where you will be able to enjoy the beauty of lake in the warmer months. Meals prepared with organic  or naturally sourced fish and poultry which are occasionally served for those who include them in their diets.  Vegetarian, vegan and wheat free options are always available. You can also have orgainc fruits and vegetables from Ashram’s gardens and orchards.

People practicing Yoga

Teacher Training:

Yasodhara Ashram offers teacher training program for the Yoga teachers who work from their experience and rely on their own foundation of yoga to guide and inspire others. Aim of this ashram is to build this foundation in all of its teachers and to promote instruction of the highest quality and encourage an experiential approach to yoga. Each of the teachers of this ashram is is committed to living the teachings of yoga and bringing forth the best in their students. It’s no mater whether you are new to teaching or a teacher with years of experience, courses offered by the ashram, will renew and strengthen your foundation. You can visit the ashram with other teachers together together to go in-depth in your own work and to refine your teaching skills.


Yasodhara Ashram

Box 9 Kootenay Bay, B.C.
V0B 1X0 Canada

phone: (250)-227-9224
toll-free: 1-800-661-8711
fax: (250)-227-9494


Website: http://www.yasodhara.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yasodhara.org/info