Baptise Power Vinyasa Yoga

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Baron Baptise, one of America’s great instructors, is an internationally recognized expert instructor and trailblazer in Power Vinyasa yoga. From the tender age of 12, Baptiste has studied classical yoga traditions, as well as the more physical Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram styles. Baron Baptiste popularized the style of yoga known as Power Vinyasa Yoga, which is designed to create heat in the body and stimulate energy flow. His teaching method is one of the most popular yoga method in America.

Baron baptise teaching yoga

Over many years of trial and error, Baron discovered what worked best for his and thus he developed his own yoga discipline that works for the everyday folks who would walk through my classroom doors. One of the most important features of his method is that it always focuses on ‘what works’. Practical value is very important in Baptise Yoga.

Though Baron’s unique way of teaching makes his yoga different from others, Baptiste Power Yoga is still rooted in the ancient philosophy of India, it isn’t the main focus, which makes it much more accessible to many Americans who are looking for a good work out. In this basic, flowing workout, you will discover how proper yoga technique and mindfulness can power your practice and empower your life.

He has been working hard to transform the face of modern yoga in America and popularizing this thousand year old discipline in America. He’s authored four books which have transformed thousands of people around the globe. All of his books have been translated into more than twelve languages.

baron baptise teaching yoga

All Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste

Immersion programs are designed to help you gain profound knowledge of Yogic discipline. These programs enables you access tools that empower you as you dive into asana, meditation, practice teaching, and self inquiry specifically designed to access your full potential. Their graduates, known for their powerful teaching, authentic expression and  commitment to empowering, are very experienced and friendly.

Foundation in Action

The beauty of this program is that anyone can join this class no matter what his or her level of experience as a teacher or practitioner. If you want to build your yoga foundation on a rock, this is the perfect program for you. This is a unique program which is designed not only for those who want to inspire their own practice, but also for those who are professional yoga teacher or want to be a professional yoga teacher.

Level One Training

This training program is especially developed for the people who are ready to move deeper into their inner-selves and into their own power. Unlike traditional Yoga Teacher Training programs, Baron Baptiste’s Level One Training focuses on the ability to transform the lives of individuals seeking physical and spiritual growth and leading them to a healthier state of existence.

Level Two Training

After completing level one students get a foundation and attain a deeper understanding of Baptiste Yoga. But in Level Two the focus is on Authentic Living. This is a inner journey where you discover your strengths and weaknesses not only as a teacher but also as a human being. It is an opportunity to discover and explore the extraordinary within you as a teacher, a practitioner, and a person.

Level Three Training

This program is for the teachers who want to take their teaching, leadership, and life to new levels of possibility, flow, and empowerment! Teachers who to experience more freedom and power in their practice and their lives can attend this program. This program is life transforming. Unlike other yoga teacher training program, level three training is not an ordinary teacher training. It’s a divine journey, a path to rediscover your true nature, explore your inner self and connect with the universe.


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