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Radiant Being was founded in 2008 by Hayley Lawrence. This retreat offers many specialized packages, services and facilities in Albany, Western Australia. This retreat organizes many wellness programs regularly and also arranges adventure based retreats on the beautiful locations both in Australian and overseas. Many types of health packages, detox, fitness, meditation, yoga, weight loss, art sessions but all the programs will be organized specifically to your needs. In this busy life you might be bored, stressed and tensed and want to make yourself detoxify, de-stress and want to have some peace and serenity then you can go to Radiant Being retreat. This retreat will provide you anything you need and will help you to regain balance and ground you in your own space and time.

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Choice Based Retreat:

Radiant Being retreat is for both men and women. Adults, kids anyone can enjoy the programs offered by the retreat. It offers a choice based retreat means it arranges all the programs according to your needs and requirements. You can go with your partner, family members, or can book as an individual private program. You can create your enjoy a perfect retreat with Radiant Being. You can enjoy Surfing, the most challenging, most fun and fabulous way to enjoy the ocean. It will give you a totally different feeling. If you wish you can join the art workshops, meditation and Yoga workshops, take some message therapies like Aromatherapy Massage,  Holistic Remedial Massage or many more.

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Yoga in Radiant Being Retreat:

Haley Lawrence, founder of Radient Being Retreat, has the experience of practicing Yoga for 22 years. She completed her training in Yoga in London. Recently she took a trip to the very far North of India. Haley trained as a remedial yoga teacher, a wellness coach and a positive psychologist. She believes she is blessed to have the opportunity to guide and support people to get their health and wellbeing back on the right track. In Radient Being Retreat, Hayley offers group and one-to-one yoga classes. If you want to have individual attention so that you can go deeper in your yoga practice and also can improve your awareness then one-to-one yoga class is perfect for you. But if you want to enjoy the yoga practice with others than chose the group class. Yoga classes are available for both the beginners and the advanced yogis. You can also enjoy Yoga nidras, breathing exercises or pranayamas, meditation or relaxation techniques. The retreat center will provide all the accessories you need for practicing Yoga. You can book a class for morning, afternoon or evening.

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It is the time to create your own retreat with Radiant Being. You can enjoy holistic wellbeing treatments, inspiring activities. You just can feel the bliss experience any day that suits you. Yoga, facials, massage, reflexology, adventure tour, organic products, surfing, all is here in Radiant Being Retreat.


Radiant Being

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