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Rachel, former professional dancer and choreographer, has been practicing yoga for 28 years and working as a yoga teacher for over 20. She started her yoga journey with the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods. After joining as Head of Dance at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium, she introduced yoga to the curriculum.

Rachel doing Yantra

Her love for arts and inner-connection with arts and dance influenced her teaching style a lot and helped her to developed her unique teaching method. In 2000 Rachel started working with Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA yoga, and co-created Be Yoga Teacher Training program.

rachel doing yoga mudra

After working 4 years with Alan in USA, Rachel returned to Australia in 2005 and created and facilitated her own teacher trainings and workshops in the ISHTA System in Australia, India, Bali, Japan, New York and in many major cities in Europe. Though she teaches ISHTA yoga, her method is mostly inspired by Bhakti Yoga and classical yoga disciplines.

Rachel saying Namaste

Rachel Zinman holds workshops that teach participants about the creation and symbolism of a Yantra- a symbolic diagram in Ancient Indian thought usually representing a God or Goddess or a philosophical idea. Rachel’s yoga method includes Mantra and Mudra-  hand gestures, which balance and bring energy to the body. Incorporating these practices into your life is balancing  and healing for the entire system and promotes an incredible sense of well-being.

Byron Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta System

ISHTA aims to give each student an understanding of how to incorporate aspects from various yoga styles and practices in a way that best suits their individual paths. ISHTA is an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda. In Sanskrit ishta means individual or personalized. Be part of a teacher training where you and your experience are more important than the skills you acquire. Most people get inspired to teach because they want to share their own love of Yoga. Explore the beauty of the ISHTA teachings including lectures on Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, Anatomy, How to teach Asana, Pranayama and Meditation with a deeper understanding of Bhakti Yoga ( my practice for the last 5 years) Vedanta ( self knowledge) and how to have a consistent and deepening personal practice.

Ignite Your Creative Flow with the Yoga of Saraswati

This is an amazing workshop where Rachel Zinman combines storytelling, creative sequencing and the tantric tools of mantra, mudra and yantra plus some creative surprises. In Hinduism Saraswati is thegoddess of knowledge and creativity. This Workshop is called Yoga of Saraswati because it focuses on Inner wisdom and ancient yogic knowledge.

Yoga and Self Knowledge Immersion

Blending the teachings of Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the traditional teachings of the Upanishads, Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl have designed this unique workshop. This workshop focuses on Inner Self and unwraps the beauty, knowledge and wisdom of the Upanishads, sharing Atma Vidya – the truth of what ‘self’ really is.


Rachel Zinman Yoga

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