Aziza Healing Adventures

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Aziza Healing adventures

There’s no better way to get acquainted with Bali and to familiarize with its spirit than choosing to visit one of its best known yoga retreats, Bali Bliss. You will discover a splendid island of the Indonesian Archipelago, embraced by the Indian Ocean on one side and the BaliSea on the other one. Enjoy the gentle sunny weather and embark on a process of self-discovery and healing. During the week you will spend here, you will have the opportunity to visit different places and to be accommodated in three different locations, to take part in workshops and Hindu ceremonies, to witness traditional performances, to take Balinese cooking classes, and to enjoy relaxing Balinese massage. Indulge your body and senses with organic spa treatments at a retreat whose exotic atmosphere will thrill you both physically and spiritually. You will also return home with dozens of multicolored handmade souvenirs (artwork, textiles, and jewels) as Bali offers very inexpensive products.

Aziza Healing adventures accommodation


Accommodation will suit all your requirements and rooms are either private ($4597US/person), or shared ($4197US/person). You will be hosted at three different resorts which will provide you with personal growth workshops and workbooks, spa treatments, yoga classes, cooking classes, transportation between the three locations and Balinese music and dance shows. Your guide through this unique experience will be Laila Ghattas, artist, certified Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner with 25 years of experience in healing.


The first retreat resort is the UBUD hotel, very conveniently located, where visitors can enjoy professional spa treatments. Things will get even more interesting at the second location, on the shore of the BaliSea, where most of the activities take place outdoors. The final location is the top-of-the-class Spa boutique Resort whose tropical and elegant style at the same time will surprise you.

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And one of the most important aspects we mustn’t forget about when describing this journey, why should people come here? Because the program is not designed only to help you heal your body, but it also addresses to people’s spiritual needs. Many of us long to get connected to our authentic self, to accept ourselves the way we are in order to upper self-esteem and, more than anything, to be listened to and find an answer to our most secret inquiries. Through the exercises proposed by Laila, participants will be able to improve their communication as well as their self-awareness. The schedule is very well organized but not compulsory.

So, if you feel like taking a break and even have a chance to learn new things about yourself and how to enjoy more happiness in life.


Aziza Healing Adventures



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