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Ecuador, a real sustainable paradise, is a country in Northwestern South America, with a Pacific Ocean coastline, lying on the Equator between Colombia, to the northeast, and Peru, to the south and east. Ecuador is a land of rich cultural and historical attractions, all set within a backdrop of natural wonders, with landscapes that range between lush, tropical rainforests and glaciated volcanoes. A geographically small country located on the equator, Ecuador is one of the most traveler-friendly countries in South America. Whether you are looking to gain inner-peace and joy or improve your finances, discover the power within to accomplish whatever you desire, Ecuador is the place to come. Protecting natural, cultural, and human megadiversity is the mission of this country.

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Betty Adventures, a boutique travel company, serves up the Zen of surfing on the pristine beaches of a quaint fishing village, lending itself to the perfect experience which is Ecuador. Betty Adventure  meets first-world expectations in an exotic environment. For health conscious people who enjoy nature and holistic healing, Betty Adventures can provide a worthwhile experience. The Betty Surf & Yoga Camp is designed to  nourish within you a perfect self-image. Patricia has pioneered in creating active travel excursions for volunteers, climbers, surfers and students. What could be more enjoyable than an all-women’s surf and yoga retreat located on an uncrowded beach with seemingly endless amounts of glassy waves? So come enjoy surfing, yoga, soaking up the sun, and having fun on the beach, while taking on new challenges but also taking time to relax.

Yoga for Surfing

Surfing gives yogis an external experience of yoga. And the physical benefits of yoga also complement the flexibility and power needed to have maximum fun and prevent injuries when surfing. Combination 0f surfing and yoga is a great way to prepare for surfing. Patricia, a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, has helped tens of thousands of surfers all over the world surf better — and live better through her Yoga for Surfers.

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Free your body and mind with yoga

Studies show that yoga, like many forms of physical activity, can actually help relieve stress specially when practice in an exotic place like Ecuador. Betty yoga offers adventure trips for women boast daily yoga sessions that take place a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean. During this routine, press your feet and hands firmly into the sand and spread your fingers and toes to hit maximum lower-body muscle. Our Yoga Alliance-certified instructor combines vigorous Vinyasa flow with balancing, strengthening and realigning postures. The fresh air, cool breeze and relaxing water will help guide you through your practice. The classes are primarily focused on a Vinyasa Flow.  They provide a non-competitive atmosphere for students of all levels to enjoy outdoor yoga.

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Betty’s Surf & Yoga Series

Whether it’s through balance, flexibility, or simply just breathing better—all these things are pretty damn important in surfing. Patricia integrates the concepts of Balance, breath and focus to bring surfing to a whole new level of understanding. The physical benefits of yoga, a meditative practice in motion, help to support the power and movements needed to have fun while surfing and prevent injuries. As surfers we rely on being strong, flexible, and balanced to perform at the best. Betty Adventures’ yoga for surfers is the perfect training accompaniment for surfers of all levels. Preparing your mind and body by doing yoga pre and post surf might be a great way to achieve perfect mind-body alignment needed for surfing.


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