Big Sky Yoga Retreats

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Big Sky Yoga offers yoga classes for students from skill levels. They offer women-only yoga retreats with an emphasis on outdoor fitness in Montana’s Big Sky Country. Big Sky Yoga Retreats helps you take a journey deeper into yourself through your yoga practice and other activities. Unlike other retreats Bis Sky does not encourage you escape from everyday life. Rather it is about rediscovering your inner self and finding the techniques you need to improve your physical health and mental well being.


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Cowgirl Yoga

Cowgirl Yoga retreats combine yoga and horseback riding (beginner equestrians welcome); with Ranch Camp, regular and LUXE accommodations options. This is an amazing opportunity to stretch yourself physically, emotionally and soulfully with the horses, yoga and people in this irresistible Montana setting. Imagine a long weekend of yoga and horses on a real live ranch – a cowgirl yogini’s dream come true. Explore how both can put you in touch with your potential and teach you a lot about yourself.

Eat Pray Love Yoga & Hiking Retreats

Their fall “Eat Pray Love” yoga and hiking retreats are based on the best-selling eponymous novel and feature healthy, gourmet food (with an emphasis on eating locally and sustainably) and yoga amidst the spectacular mountain scenery. Women’s Eat, Pray, Love Yoga & Hiking retreat includes discussion, reflection, intention setting and meditation. One of their hikes is to nearby a powerful 35-foot waterfall called Ousel Falls. This waterfall plunges off a moss-covered rock wall onto a granite shelf in an amazing display of whitewater.

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Winter Wonderland & Wellness

Winter a wonderful season to focus on your health and well-being. Join today in Montana’s winter wonderland and have some amazing workouts: Nordic (cross-country) skiing is a cardio kick-in-the-pants, and we’ll warm and lengthen our muscles beforehand with yoga. Their Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat blends Vinyasa Flow yoga and cross-country skiing, plus cooking and tea-making lessons and massage.

There are some other retreats including cowgirl yoga ranch camp, luxe cowgirl yoga, cowgirl vs. cancer, new yoga and photography, new yoga and yellowstone.

Big Sky Yoga Programs


Big Sky Yoga Retreats

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