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Blissful Spirit Retreats & Spa is the premier center for transformational healing located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  This beautiful retreat and spa focuses on reconnecting and restoring aided by its’ tranquil and serene setting.  Blissful Spirit have option for ultimate health and wellness that aids in rejuvenating the Mind, Body and Spirit all done in surroundings filled with peace, love and higher consciousness.  This cozy mountain getaway is ideal for relaxation, reflection and renewal.  Blissful Spirit is located in the historic and historic Homestead.  There are a variety of health and wellness aimed at what resonates with you which include yoga, detox, meditation, spiritual, fasting, spa or a custom retreat. 

Meditation for Inner Peace Retreat

You are invited to attend in this course on meditation to learn meditation techniques to calm the mind and discover inner peace in a silent retreat. Experienced practitioners will find this course challenging while beginners will learn the beginners level techniques. The concept of physically removing oneself from ordinary distractions has been a staple in meditative practices for the retreat.

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Though the practices of yoga and meditation have their roots in ancient cultures, they’ve both become modern day movements. One of the many benefits of practicing yoga asanas/ postures is the fact that it allows us to slip into meditation effortlessly. If you are considering starting yoga or meditation, you should be aware that the benefits of yoga meditation relaxation are numerous and worth taking the time to learn. Both yoga and meditation are great ways to increase your total health and mental well being.

Yoga & Spa Overnight Retreat

Participate in a revitalizing and rejuvenating morning yoga class with Breathwork and inner reflections, and in the afternoon, get your choice of a one-hour Spa Treatment or Healing Session. Various styles and levels of yoga, combined with diverse, warm and welcoming members, staff and instructors allow them to guide you to greater self-awareness, focus, and health.


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Blissful Spirit offers several choice accommodations geared to meet your physical and personal comfort.  Blissful Spirit features The Hidden Suite, The Bonanza Room and The Coeur d’ Alene Suite.  The Hidden Treasure Suite features all private accommodations like bath, private entrance and mini-kitchen specifically designed for quiet and solace.  The Bonanza Room is B&B fashioned with shared amenities.  Lastly, The Coeur d’ Alene Suite is accommodations for two.  It is a shared 2-bedroom and 2 bath suite.  All rooms and suites are beautifully decorated to enhance the warmth and tranquility of the environment. 

Blissful Spirit has a variety of health and wellness therapies, nutrition and detox and spa treatment, some of which include detoxification, body treatments and massages, nutritional coaching, aromatherapy wraps and Ayurvedic nasya treatment. All therapies and techniques are focused for higher consciousness and mental and physical well-being. 


Blissful Spirit
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