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With almost 7,500 km of coastline Brazil has lots of surf potential, but even with all this coast there are few world class waves. Brazil is famous for the mighty Amazon River, Christ the Redeemer statue, beautiful beaches & the Rio Carnival. Home to the mighty Amazon River, the irrepressible party city of Rio de Janeiro, the world’s greatest carnival and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, Brazil can be your next yoga and surfing destination.

Surf & Yoga Tour

Ecstasy is when you are so balanced and aligned mentally, emotionally, and physically. Brazil Trail tour is designed to help you enjoy a perfect balance of activities with this Surf & Yoga Tour. This tour was created for you to enjoy different sceneries of the island, while doing great sports. It doesn´t matter if you are coming to learn to surf with our surf instructors or to explore the best surf breaks with our experienced surf guides, you can be confident you will always be in the best spot for your surf abilities. The beginner lessons focus on basic skills and safety. Intermediate surfers will learn how to turn the board, to drop or take off and other maneuvers on the wave. Advanced surfers will concentrate on techniques for negotiating challenging waves and most likely explore areas with more difficult breaks. All participants will be taught about this new environment of sea and currents.

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Brazil Surf Vacation – Florianopolis

The natural beauties of Florianopolis attract thousands of visitors every year. Either if you have always wanted to surf, or if you are looking for a spectacular Brazil surf vacation in perfect surfing conditions,Brazil Trail  invites you to discover the pleasures of surfing and relaxing in the most beautiful places of Brazil. The area near Florianópolis has some of the best surf in the southern zone. Brazil Surf Vacation offers not only a fun, comfortable and safe learning environment but also professional and personalized English speaking instructors. Florianopolis  receives swells from the main quadrants, east and south. That’s why it is considered as a very privileged city for surfing. The perfect location for unforgettable Surf in Brazil!

Beautiful Brazilian beach

Beginner – Surf classes: 7 days Beginners level surf class at the Praia da Barra or Praia da Joaquina will provide you with a sound foundation and skills that will last you a lifetime. Because of their unique landscape, these are some of the best beaches in Brazil to learn how to surf.

Intermediate / Advanced – If you are starting to paddle out back, catching unbroken waves and riding along the wave face, bottom turning, top turning or starting to learn how to cut back then 7 days surf trips around the island and to the coastal villages nearby is for you. 


Brazil Trails

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