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What would it feel like to be on a main event that gathers all the accredited health chefs in the industry? Indeed, being on an eat retreat filled with retreat chefs is a perfect getaway to learn how to stay healthy and fabulous at all times. The eat retreat a dream retreat which will be held on the core of Finger Lakes, a well-established place in the food-and-wine industry in the heart of New York. Prepare to play and stay at Hidden Valley Camp in Watkins Glen State Park which is just near the southern tip of Seneca Lake. It’s time to lavish on a weekend workshop that provides innovative thinking to promote good food eating habits. Such experience is created in order to gather food leaders in the community and inspire, celebrate and rejuvenate on a shared meal getaway.


Eat Retreat is being organized by two of the known people in the food industry. They have Kathryn Tomajan who has been an Eat Retreat organizer since 2011. Her feisty food capabilities arise from her attained master’s degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. Another vibrant organizer to partner with Kathryn is the all-time favorite chef, community food advocate and cook book author, Samantha Buyskes. She is greatly known in the food industry as she manages to run her farm to table restaurant at New York City. Also, she has been the foregoing culinary ambassador of the Finger Lakes region which sponsors this year’s Eat Retreat.

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Who’s coming to Eat Retreat?

Specially customized for a hands-on, exciting and rejuvenating weekend, Eat Retreat is led by an intimate group of food lovers and food innovators from all around the world. This ensures maximum variety in classes and sessions. They offer a combination of conventional and non-conventional teaching methods. Conventional part includes formal workshops while non-conventional one involves informal teaching sessions  when the retreat sets around the campfire. Eat Retreaters involves a lot of experts from different walks of the society including food writers, chefs, and food system visionaries.  This retreat also has photographers, farmers, and makers of all kind who has a goal to enrich and make healthy food options more vibrant. Creative, innovative and food enthusiast attendees enjoy the weekend sharing meals, exchanging ideas, and relishing new flavors to be brought up in the table. This retreat creates a strong community of like-minded food and health enthusiast. They share their plans, feelings and experiences with others. Eat retreat is the root of all raw food retreats which is scheduled by various food enthusiasts worldwide.

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So what are you waiting for? Get up and pack to attend this special event that takes place only once in a year. Make this year more worthwhile for you and lavish on the goodness that you will attain through this workshop. Be an exemplary of promoting a healthy lifestyle to people and make it an everyday habit to revitalize the goodness in you. Be one of the successful participants of Eat Retreat who are now practicing here and abroad. Prepare yourself for the demands of nature. Attend the Eat Retreat, a nature friendly and health boosting event in the whole world.


Hidden Valley Camp

Watkins Glen State Park

Finger Lakes, New York


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