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Escape Haven (formerly known as Surf Haven Bali) offers women time out to play and reconnect in paradise and to step away from the daily routine and make space for themselves and their spiritual lives. Through their luxury surf, yoga, spa and food weeks, Escape Haven offers pioneering healthy living-retreat for women. It’s an ultimate rejuvenating holiday for women of all ages combining health, fitness, culture and lots of pampering. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie, Escape Haven, a luxury yoga surf spa retreat for women, is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. This week long yoga retreats and surf holidays are designed to energize, rejuvenate and renew busy women. Be adventurous and transform yourself during a weeklong retreat at Escape Haven.

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Personalized, step by step surfing lessons

The majority of their guests are new to surfing so the instructors will help them to find everything one needs to understand and learn the basics of surfing and how to ride a board. The facilities and location have been chosen to make sure every session is the best it can be and so beginners can learn to surf more quickly. You’ll be riding the curl in no time! Like any sport, surfing also takes time, patience and basic physical coordination to learn how to do it. Escape Heaven surf program has been developed to teach you step by step, the basics of surfing from beginners to novice, through to more experienced participants. Surfing basics are essential to understand the sport and safety. Learning, understanding, and following these basic surfing etiquette guidelines are a must for any surfer. You don’t have to be a superstar or surf scholar to get a big smile from waveriding, but you need proper guidance. Alongside the surf team will be your retreat leader Danni who will help you to get the awesome feeling of standing up on a surfboard and guiding it in a jumping, sliding rush across glassy water. Instructors provides tips and advice on progressive surfing which includes trimming and turning the surfboard, paddling through the break zone and catching green waves.


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Luxury Yoga & Bali Retreat Program

If you are seeking greater balance, inner calm, and mind-body health daily Yoga and Meditation class offered at luxury women’s retreat is ideal for you. There will be no tension of your daily routine to distract you. You will enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation and the guidance of experienced teachers. Guests at Yoga Spa Retreat in Bali usually start their day with a Yoga and meditation class which is suitable for all levels. This 90 minute class is taught in a well decorated  air-conditioned studio. Sometimes classes are offered in exotic tropical gardens. Tropical gardens have long been seen as a romantic and exotic place in many parts of the world and  are a great treat for the eyes for any nature lover.


Escape Haven

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