Gaia Retreat and Spa

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Gaia Retreat and Spa

Gaia Retreat and Spa was founded by Gregg Cave, Ruth Kalnin, Olivia Newton-John and Warwick Evans. They became inspired by the healing culture of the Byron Bay region and wanted to make a unique retreat center which will make the visitors feel an extraordinary experience of more than a healthy holiday. Gaia Retreat is the result of their dream. This retreat is all about choice. If you become bored with your daily routine and want to escape from the busy life for some days than Gaia Retreat and Spa is a right choice. This center runs on a day-to-day basis. The entire team of Gaia Retreat and Spa is very hospitable and they are committed to the visitors’ wellbeing.  You will feel a unique retreat and spa experience while staying at Gaia. Whatever you expect whether it is a combination of active and energetic, tranquil and serene, the team of Gaia Retreat and Spa will try their best to design the retreat according to your choice and purpose.  Gaia Retreat and Spa focuses on your well being in an oasis of rest, replenishment and rejuvenation.


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Day Spa:

The most amazing service you will enjoy in the retreat is the Day Spa. There are many types of exquisite specialized treatments which are grounding and profoundly restorative. Those treatments are for both women and men. You can chose whatever treatments you want to have.  You will meet some of the finest  healers and therapists in Australia who will give you a unique spa journey aimed at enhancing and promoting health and wellbeing. You will enjoy freshly blended products that are made from Australian Organics both from local suppliers and our the Organic Garden of Gaia Retreat and Spa. While taking the treatment you will listen a tranquil sound which will make you feel that you are listening a lullaby and you will be relaxed fully. The beauty of nature surrounding you will make help you to be connected with nature and also with your inner self.

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Viha Fitness Centre:

There is a Viha Fitness Center in Gaia Retreat and Spa where you can enjoy daily regular fitness workouts under the guidance of the expert and professional instructors who offers diverse range of fun and revitalizing activities, as well as programs tailored to you. You will find a wide  range of equipment for all levels of Fitness designed for your Optimum health. You can practice daily restorative Yoga or center yourself with Tai Chi as you breathe in the tranquility of this sacred land and can find the peace of mind by practicing meditation. The retreat offers daily Morning Yoga in the Zama Yoga room, Organic Cooking Classes, Pilates and many other activities.

A beautiful view of Kukura House


Kukura House is decorated gracefully. It is elegant and refined. There are a main dining area and relaxation lounges and all these lead out to the spacious Tevana deck. It was built in the late seventies and in 2005 it is redesigned. You can spend some relaxing time by reading a magazine or can take any book from the library.

You will find a wide collection of the latest movie releases, guided meditation or relaxation and world music CD’S.  There is a Gaia shop where you can spend some time and can buy organic hand woven clothes or DVDs.


Gaia Retreat & Spa


Tel: +61 2 6687 1216
933 Fernleigh Road
Brooklet, NSW, Australia, 2479