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Gili Yoga is the studio which offers Yoga and free diving on the island of Gili Trawangan which is located in between Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. There you will find an environment to thrive in and will meet experienced instructors who will guide you learn Yoga practice, and to dive and feel the connection with nature. You will feel an unforgettable experience.

Freedive Courses:

Gili Yoga offers  the best in Freediving courses and training in South East Asia and these sessions are for the beginners as well as advanced people. By joining these programs you will be able to go beyond your goals and explore your potential. These courses balance the athletic and yogic approach to the sport of Freediving. Some divers like to interacting with marine life and some others like to dive as deep as possible. The experienced freediving instructors will guide you to the places where they have gone before and they aim to share their passion and expertise with you. You will enjoy diving at Freedive Gili as warm tropical water and great visibility help to increase your comfort in the water and confident in your ability. These courses are not only about learning the technique or developing the diving skills rather it is also about enjoyment and you will obviously enjoy everything you have learned while exploring the reef and exotic aquatic life. After completing the courses you will find that you can explore the same reef on one breath as you can with a tank.

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Gili Yoga studio offers Yoga classes which are full of fun and supportive environment. The experienced and friendly Yoga instructors will always help you to reach your goal. These Yoga classes offered by Gili Yoga studio are for the people of all ages, levels, and all shapes.

Private or Small Group Yoga Classes:

Gili Yoga also offers Private or small group yoga classes which are perfect opportunity to explore yoga on a deeper level. A private class is recommended by Gili Yoga in the morning and group yoga classes in the afternoon so that you can enjoy most and be benefited.

Yoga and Free Diving Retreat:

This retreat combines postures, breathing exercises and meditation which will help you explore your potential of radiant health, natural bliss, and inspiring abilities in both your yoga and freediving practices. This retreat includes an exciting adventure into the sport of freediving, daily “dry training” for freediving, deep (unlimited depth) diving training for experience freedivers, daily yoga classes, daily breathing exercises and meditation class, daily in-water freediving sessions and also accommodation.

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Gili Yoga offers simple luxury in the heart of Gili Trawangan. All the rooms are set in garden and face inward to the beautiful yoga shala, just steps away from the best swimming beach on Gili Trawangan. All the rooms are well equipped. You will get fresh water, hot water, air conditioning, safety deposit boxes and all other things you need. While staying there you will feel a homely feeling.


Gili Yoga

Address:Gili Trawangan
Lombok NTB



Phone:+62 (0)370 614 05 03

Mobile:+62 (0)858 571 871 70