Hepburn Retreat Centre

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Hepburn retreat centre

Living healthy just got better! Treat yourself with a combo retreat that’s good for your body inside and out. Join the two day weekend retreat that teaches both yoga and vegan cooking. Have yourself relaxed and pampered on the soothing aura of the golden coasts of Australia’s Hepburn Retreat Centre where eco-friendly landscapes and breathtaking views welcome you on nature’s loving facet. Meet, greet and work with the resident chef, Alexis, who will be there to guide you into unraveling your cooking talents and help you showcase your taste abilities when it comes to choosing the right food ingredients towards a healthy lifestyle. Know the nutritional values of what you eat and attain the best menu available to keep you healthy and fit as always. Along with the cooking retreat and beautiful scenery, be sure to keep a peaceful mind as yoga sessions will be available to maintain fresh and energetic aura in your being.


Envisioning a nature friendly-site, Hepburn Retreat Centre offers room choices ranging from private rooms, family rooms and cottages. Their private rooms which can hold up to 3 people may consist of a double, single and twin bed space depending on your choice. They have an inclusive bath and toilet facility within the room and they also provide all the necessary beddings and linens to guarantee with a sound sleep and full relaxation at night. On the other hand, Their family bedrooms could accommodate up to 6 people and may offer double, single and bunk bed, still depending on your choice. Lastly, their 2 cottages, the Garden and Pine Cottage, are inclusive of own bathrooms which has kitchen access and complete bedding facilities. The cottages are available for booking whether by individual or group retreat reservations.

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Cooking Classes

As this retreat is inclusive of yoga and raw food preparation classes, you will certainly learn a lot of things. You will be amazed on how vegan ingredients create a luscious recipe that will fulfill your chef skills. Learn to come up with a food that will surely empower your self-confidence in cooking and boost up your flexibility in the kitchen. Only then will you be able to eat into a maximum level without thinking of limitations and health risks plus you will be able to answer to the demanding pleasures of your taste buds. Reward yourself and lavish on a never ending stomach digestion in a healthy way. In addition to this, learn the techniques of creating food presentations that have greater appeal to everyone making it perfect to serve in all occasions to your family and friends. You may decide to come up with muffins and cakes to make it more inviting and at the same time beneficial to your loved ones.

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Health and Wellness

On this two day activity of vegan cooking, Ostii and Alexis will be there to help you treat yourself and give life to vitality and promote a healthy individual within you. Inclusive of the workshop are lectures about Ayurveda, nutrition, vedanism, food, yoga and vegetarianism as a whole. Not only will they teach you how to pick the best ingredient available but will also train you on how to take care of your garden vegetables and make use of some friendly surrounding weeds. Book selections regarding nutrition will be available and will be allowed to take with you to read during your spare time.


Retreat Location: 9 Lone Pine Avenue 
Hepburn Springs
Victoria 3461
03 5348 2005

0424 442 219 or 03 5348 6696

Website: www.yogameditationretreatsvictoria.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hepburnretreatcentre/