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India Reinartz is the founder of Papaya Wellness. India wanted to develop a retreat center with a vision of beautiful simplicity. The purpose of Papaya Wellness is to make a combination of life in a breathtaking location, to work with the warm-hearted people and introduce people to a healthy lifestyle so this place is all about health, adventure, balance, enjoyment, and discovery. Later India joined yogi Carly Chivers and they decided to develop a  dynamic duo of beautiful, strong surfer chicas pioneering a remote Nicaraguan village set in the middle of world class surf and the total result is Papaya Wellness.

Papaya Wellness offers the retreats that will let to become refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. All the inclusive retreats are the perfect way to immerse yourself by practicing Yoga workouts and have with surfing. You will have the most healthy, relaxing, fun, exiting and inspiring vacation with your friend or family in sunny Latin America. With a variety of yoga classes and surf sessions, Papaya Wellness also offers airport transportation and healthy detoxing meals to keep you fulfilled and motivated.

Papaya Wellness Retreats:

Two types of retreats are offered by Papaya Wellness:

1. Yoga / Fusion retreats and

2. Yoga/ Surf retreats

‘Yoga or fusion retreats’ are specially designed for the people who want to practice yoga daily and also want to do some exiting beach activities. ‘Yoga or surf retreats’ are for those who want to practice yoga daily as well as surfing. Beginners who want to surf and also the advanced surfers all of them can enjoy these retreats.

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Wellness is all all about physical health, mental, emotional health. Papaya Wellness gives importance in these well-rounded health objective. In Papaya Wellness you will get fresh food prepared by Rahnghild Watson. Vegetarians can also have a delicious meal which will make them feel that the most gourmet dish they’ve ever had in their life. Food prepared in Papaya Wellness will give a feeling of refreshment and you will feel relaxed and energetic.

Everyday we visit many types of place and meet many types of people and want to find out the relation between us. Papaya Wellness vacation will let you to understand the interconnection between you and the nature and the other people, will also find out the positive energy inside you and improve self awareness, social awareness, positive relationships, and also the universal consciousness.


Papaya Wellness