Pleasant Valley Sanctuary

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Pleasant Valley Sanctuary Yoga

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is located on a serene and majestic stretch of the Nevada foothills in Northern California.  Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is an intimate environment with practitioners who are highly spiritually conscious, with high ideals and focused on sharing this process with others  They are the blueprint of living as one with nature and off  the grid since 2002 and living successfully on their workable honest model being as one with nature and the environment.   The center of their sanctuary is centered on the harmonious experience of the Divine with meditation and yoga.  All are welcomed to experience the beauty and tranquility of this lifestyle for work, internships and scheduled structured retreats.


Accommodations are rustic and as one with nature, which include small 13’ yurt style cabins that are drenched with sunlight and picturesque views.  In the main house of Pleasant Valley Sanctuary there is a spare bedroom, a shared guest bathroom that is accessible from the outside.  Also featured is an outdoor bathroom with dual sinks and two showers that are solar heated that is used primarily in the summer as well as a compostable outhouse.  Available are tent platforms and phenomenal tent sites scattered throughout the property.  There is a fully equipped garden-kitchen with plenty of organic produce, grains and tea, and a lending library with spiritual books for awakening.

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary Meditation

Retreat Facilities

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary hosts a plethora of structured retreats.  Available retreats are meditation workshops and silent retreats.  All retreats are led by experienced, highly conscious practitioners of the spiritual community.  Pleasant Valley Sanctuary has available varying degrees of retreats, from intensive retreats of Raja and Kriya yoga to Verdic astrology.  All retreats are guided by community practitioners that offer their experiences and a range of insight to the path of spiritual awakening. 

Pleasant Valley Sanctuary Retreat

Other Facilities

The setting of Pleasant Valley Sanctuary encompasses true beauty and this beauty provides for developing and strengthening a deeper spiritual practice.  Pleasant Valley Sanctuary allows for peacefulness to the day to day patterns and distractions of day to day life.  There are many sacred places on-site that include the main temple and a private cave that carries deep vibrations for hours of intense meditation.  This location is simple, natural and calming setting that places one in harmony with nature and aides in provided a foundation to practice a God-centered life.  There are opportunities for hiking on the rustic, gravel road that winds through the scenic Bridgeport State Park and the Yuba River which is also nearby.


Pleasant Valley Sanctuary

14011 Rices Crossing Rd.
North San Juan, CA 95960

Phone: 530 264-8858