Portasol Yoga Retreats

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Portasol Yoga Retreats, an ecological community, situated on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Set about 30 km south of Quepos and 20 km north of Dominical. This eco-friendly center is perfect for those who are seeking a place for escaping the daily civilized life and to enjoy a memorable vacation in a natural setting. This center was established by Guillermo Piedra and his family. They developed this center with the mission to protect the natural beauty of Costa Rica and to protect 440 ha of primary and secondary forest. At the time of staying at this center you can join a variety of health related programs including Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong or Chi Kung (an ancient Chinese health care technique that includes physical postures, martial arts, breathing techniques and meditation). Surrounded by deep forest, this center will allow you to stay close to the nature and to breathe fresh air that will make you refreshed and rejuvenated.  There is a waterfall pool in the property where you can enjoy swimming and feel refreshed. If you walk along the effervescent river, you can gain a peaceful state of mind and feel energetic and rejuvenated.


House “Colibri”:

Featured with all the necessary amenities and facilities, this house is nestled into the jungle. There is an open living room ideal for enjoying gentle breeze blowing through that makes the environment pleasant. This room has curtains that provide protection against insects. This house features a private bath that leads from the house to the Portalon river and there is a natural pool perfect for enjoying swimming. It takes 10 minutes from the house to reach the park Cazuela that belongs to the project of Portasol and the guests of the center will enjoy easy access to this park. There is a wonderful waterfall with a pool where you can enjoy sunbath on the warm stones, relaxed time and also swimming.

Yoga Retreat:

man-practicing-yogaIf you are a yoga lover and don’t want to miss practicing your workouts even at the time of vacation, you can join the Yoga sessions offered by this center. Portasol ecological retreat center offers 7 day Yoga retreat that will allow you to stay refreshed and relaxed and enjoy the vacation. Here you can also enjoy a morning session of 30 min of Qi Gong, 1 hour of yoga class, and 30 minutes of meditation based class. You can also enjoy an event that includes relaxation, chakra, healing meditation, dance and held three times in each week. This event is designed with the workouts depending on the practitioner’s desire. For getting rejuvenated and energetic, you can also take a massage. You will meet an experienced instructor Doris Müller-Weith who is also a developer of various massage techniques such as Reflexology, Classic massage, sound massage, Shin Jin do, Lomi lomi, and Hot Volcanic Stones. With an additional fee you can also enjoy personal retreat that includes massage, yoga or coaching and lunch.

If you want to enjoy any retreat at this center, it is recommended to register at least three weeks before the seminar starts.


Portasol Yoga Retreats

Eco Community Portasol, Portalón,

Central Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

Phone (Doris CR): (+506) 8303 6652

Phone (Portasol): (+506) 2787 5020

Mobile (Doris ES): (+34) 626 152 613

Email: dmueller-weith@web.de

Website: http://www.yoga-costarica.com/