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positive raw power

Sit and relax as you open your eyes to the calming view of Mother Nature. Be at peace as you enjoy the silence of Dragonfly Cove Retreat where maximum health is achieved by restoring your inner strength with the aid of tasty gourmets made from the bounties of raw food meals. A course which consists of an exclusive four-day and three-night stay which is dedicated to awaken your mental, physical and creative human functions. During the duration of the retreat, you will surely be awed with how easy it is to mix raw foods along with your everyday diet to be able to promote the maximum nutritional status and restore healthy body away from sickness. As the retreat instructor takes care of the food that you will eat, the venue will also take care of the sight that your eyes want to see. Nested with different bird species, Dragonfly Cove is blessed with Nature’s gift as the place allows you to meditate and focus into hearing out your inner senses.


The place of accommodation for the retreat which is the Dragonfly Cove Retreat House lies on the edge of the infamous ponds of Downeast Maine. As known for the solemnity and the tranquility of the environment, you can totally leave behind all the stress that you are going through and immerse yourself with what nature can offer. The house which provides double occupancy faces a body of still pond which reflects the gazing sunset, allowing you to enjoy the serenity or even make it conductive for reading or writing a journal. During night time, you can simply enjoy gathering up on a lovely bonfire and lie down on the floor as you gaze up on the bright and twinkling stars. 

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Retreat Facilities

Aside from the brilliant accommodation package that Dragonfly Cove Retreat House has to offer, participants of the said retreat may also pick from two of the package offers. The first option is intended for resident package which reserves a room for participants as double occupancy. This includes three meals throughout the day which are 100% raw and vegan. Snacks will also be provided which is still in line with the raw recipe. In addition, daily yoga’s guided with class instruction will be scheduled and meditation sessions will be promoted. Outdoor experience will also be a plus factor to this as hiking and kayaking is allowed and recommended for students to try. On the other hand, there also exists a commuter package which is inclusive of all the things mentioned applicable for the residential package, only that their payment will not cover the accommodation specifically, room privilege. Overall, the retreat allows participants to have fun and enjoy on their very own choice.

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Dragonfly Cove Retreat will be supervised by the chef, Joanne Steenberg. She has developed Raw Power Raw Food Retreat with the help of her famous mentor and instructor in Raw Food Chef, Alissa Cohen. As the name sounds very familiar, Chef Alissa has established her name in the industry of healthy living which makes use of raw foods as she is an internationally authorized speaker, author and consultant in raw foods. One of her famous publication was the book, “Living on Live Food” which was pushed forward when featured at Tyra Banks show in the segment, “Ask Alissa”.


Dragonfly Cove Retreat House

Downtown Maine

Contact Number: (207) 266-0225

Email: joanne@positiverawpower.com

Website: http://www.positiverawpower.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Positive-Raw-Power/437946476269900