RíoQuijos EcoLodge

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RíoQuijos EcoLodge

RíoQuijos EcoLodge offers a accommodations which will allow you to escape from the busy daily life and spend some time in relaxation and comfort. This Eco lodge nestled in the heart of the Quijos Valley in the Napo Region of Ecador, alongside the Quijos River. The lodge is surrounded by gardens filled with with bananas, lime trees, guanabana, yucca, avocado and medicinal plants from the forest and also with flowers that attract the hummingbirds including native orchids, Reina de la Noche and Galan de la Noche flowers for nighttime fragrance, and numerous species of bromeliads tucked into every tree bough. If you just step away from the lodge there are four nature trails that allow you to enjoy bird watching and explore the beauty of the rain forest. 

The materials used for building the lodge usually found in the Oriente: Quijos River rock, bamboo harvested off the property, corcho wood known for its dark beauty and imperviousness to insects. Another types of wood famous in Oriente named cabo de acho is also used for lodge decoration.

The Main Lodge Suites


The RioQuijos Eco Lodge offers luxury lodge suites, private rooms and private cabins. In each room 1 to 4 people can stay together. There are a spacious sleeping area in the cabins and the rooms are equipped with writing desk, hot showers, private bathroom, private entry and screened windows. There are decks where you can enjoy the sounds of the songbirds and the river.

In the lodge suites there are a spacious living quarters, hot shower, private bath, screened windows on the sides and a private balcony off the bedroom where you can enjoy some solitary time with a cup of coffee or in afternoon can enjoy relaxation or evening wind down.

Relaxing time

Yoga retreat:

If you want to enjoy a South American Yoga retreat in a beautiful environment so that you can be connected with nature fully, RioQuijos Retreat is the destination for you. In Ecuador’s beautiful Quijos Valley you can enjoy a eco-yoga retreat. RioQuijos Retreat is one of the most idyllic and peaceful locations you could wish to find in the Oriente of Ecuador. This place takes only three hours from the capital city to reach the center. This Yoga retreat  provides a tranquil haven that will transport you far from the complications of life.

In a specially constructed pavilion on the private beach alongside the Quijos River, Yoga classes usually take place. The pavilion has a natural wood and bamboo flooring which is constructed of bamboo and guayaba, with a roof that will protect you from the inclement weather. This retrear also offers side trips to the beautiful San Rafael Falls and Cuevas de los Tayos, nature trails, horse back riding, hiking, fishing and water rafting. After spending a full day of adventure you can spend some relaxing time in a hammock and enjoy the natural sounds of this beautiful resort.


RíoQuijos EcoLodge

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