Soma Surf Resort Nicaragua

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Poolside view

Bill and Casey Mortol traveled throughout the Central America with their family for years and got experienced in surfing, outdoor trips, health and wellness, and themed retreats. They wanted to bring all the things in one place and Soma is the outcome of that dream. In this retreat you can take your friends or family and enjoy all the activities including surfing, yoga, adventure tour, massage therapies etc. You will stay at a beautiful friendly hotel situated in the peaceful hills above some of the best surf spots in this hemisphere including the famous Popoyo surf break. It will be a memorable experience for you.


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You can enjoy surfing at 5:30 am or mid morning with your companion, partner, friends or family as Soma offers you the flexibility to create your own daily surf schedule. If you wish you can enjoy half day surfing and also do some fishing. You should know that there are two surf season in Nicaragua and the dry season starts from November which stay till April. In this season waves are smaller and the water is cooler and you will find this place crowd free so if you are new in surfing then this is the ideal time. From May to September it is wet season and at this time most of the surfers plan their trips due to the excellent conditions. From Soma you can reach more than 10 world class surf breaks all within 35 minutes accessible by car.


You will be able to enjoy a calming Yoga session in Soma’s outdoor ranchito with guapinol wood floors. A certified Hatha Yoga instructor Gabriela Prado will guide you. You will learn many types of poses which will strengthen your core muscles and help with flexibility and you will also be able to get relieved from any kind of stress, tension or anxiety.

Spa-massage therapy:

You can enjoy body massage which will make you totally relaxed and refreshed. These massage therapist techniques are designed to increase blood circulation, release tension, relax the muscles and muscle joints. After a day of boxing, surfing, yoga you can take a massage for getting total refreshment and relaxation.

You can also enjoy sport fishing, boxing, horseback riding, local community tour and also many other adventure tours.

Nicely decorated room


Private Bungalow:

This bungalow is perfect for couples and family members. There you will get two double beds made from  exotic local woods and these are for the family members. For the couple convertible comfortable twin bed. There is a master shower which is built with hand made local stone. Rooms are air-conditioned and have stainless steel industrial fans/high ceilings. High quality linens and towels are available for the guests.

Deluxe Rooms:

Deluxe rooms are perfect for the solo traveler and also for two or three friends who want to stay together. This accommodation includes superior twin beds made of local exotic woods, vessel sink, air conditioning system, walk-in shower with hand made local stone, stainless steel industrial fans or high ceilings and high quality linens and towels.

You will also enjoy high speed internet connection, guided tour to Magnific rock, tidal pool and to Natural Hot Springs. There is a bar great herbal tonic, smoothies, and of course thirst quenching cocktails using the famous national Flor de Cana rum. And you will also get delicious, healthy and mouthwatering foods from the restaurant.


Soma Surf Resort Nicaragua




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