Spanish Steps Retreats

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Spanish Steps Retreats

Spanish Steps Retreats is a center for reunions, retreats, classes, conventions and workshops or vacation in Northern Spain. If you have become bored in your daily routine life and want to enjoy the outdoors or simply want to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and tranquillity, then Spanish Steps Retreats is an ideal place for you. Spanish Steps offers Yoga, Hiking, Painting and Language.

You can also enjoy a getaway with your friends at the rural hotel and Yoga center of the Spanish Steps in the heart of Asturias, in the mountains of Northern Spain. You will enjoy the gushing creeks and the wind through the leaves, bleating goats, bird song, and the occasional tractor, and obviously escape from the daily busy life. If you ask for a uniquely designed workshop, the Spanish Steps will organize everything specifically to your needs. You will just have to unpack, and relax.


Spanish Steps is situated in the stunning and peaceful pastoral valley of Quiros, country’s most spectacular mountain scenery. This center is surrounded by dramatic peaks, deep gorges and crystal clear rivers. In the pure mountain air you will be refreshed and stretch your limbs in its tranquil restored farmhouse and purpose built yoga studio.

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These retreats are a perfectly balanced mix of Restorative Yoga and Invogorating hikes. Each day it arranges twice daily two hour yoga classes, during the morning and evening and the classes will be guided by certified instructors from around the globe who come to share their passion with the guests at the mountain home.



Food is an integral part of what you will have in your retreat. While staying at Spanish Steps Retreats you will have a hearty breakfast freshly prepared by expert chef and this breakfast will set you up for your days activities. In each lunchtime you will get the opportunity to try Austrian cuisine in one of the local restaurants or perhaps purchase some regional breads, meats and cheeses for a picnic al fresco. The main food you will have in the evening is created from bountiful organic garden and accompanied by delicious Spanish wine.

Hotel Fuentes de Lucia

Hotel Fuentes de Lucia:

Hotel Fuentes de Lucia, is located in a spectacular and untouched corner of northwest Spain. The Inn can accommodate 16 people in 8 rooms including  en suite bathrooms, and either a balcony or terrace. This place is perfect for family reunion, birthday, anniversary party, retreat or just an excuse to escape to a mountain haven for a while. is located 5 kilometers from the small lake of Valdemurio, where you can paddle on a kayak, spend the afternoon on the shores with a fishing pole or take a quick dip on a sunny summer day.


Spanish Steps Retreats

Hotel Fuentes de Lucia
25 Faedo
33117 Barzana de Quiros

P.O.Box 8653
Aspen, CO 81612

Toll Free USA: 877.787.WALK
Outside USA: 970.923.6859
Europe/Spain: +34.617.081.570