Sun Food Yoga Retreat

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Tired of travelling to American destinations to unwind and relieve all the stress? In Kenya, They can offer you a quality escapade that allows you to chill and experience a new aura of spending some quality time for yourself. Inspired with an Indian view of nature, Kenya’s beachfront resort could provide you the thrill of a world class safari adventure and yoga relaxation retreat. Come and let anxiety and stress drown amidst the beautiful view of nature along with its natural harmonic sound with the Yoga and Safari Retreat. Leading you along the way is the retreat instructor Tara who lives to teach and inspire others for 25 years already. Create connections between peace of mind and body as this perfect hectic lifestyle antidote allows you to rejuvenate your inner being by detoxifying and meditating. Their program specifically puts emphasis to yoga as a relaxation technique and learning general facts about raw foods which are also preferred as super food.

Retreat Packages

They offer a very flexible arrangement as you can choose to combine relaxation with adventure with their retreat packages made available to serve you. If for example, you decide to take both, your journey will start by spending the first 2 nights at Galdessa Camp. From Mombasa or Malindi Airport, you will be ushered to the Tsayo National Park where you can experience the wildlife. As you awake the next morning, you can either choose in between jeep safari or walking safari for another thrill of adventure. Meals will be served appropriately as you take your daily adventure. After two days of exploring the land of safari, you can then pack up to meet the relaxing view of the ManfridaysMida Cove along the tranquil beaches of Kenya.

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Health and Wellness

Tara’s lessons are centered on Hatha Yoga which includes relaxation techniques and proper breathing mechanics. This type of yoga also involves strengthening postures which will help you be at ease on meditating. Tara also offers workshops like partner yoga and picking out the super foods which will aid you in boosting up your energy and health. This is also a way of attaining a healthy lifestyle even if you are already back to your place. To satisfy your day, you may opt to have a massage  and take a walk along the beach, a perfect way to unwind and calm your senses. 

Yoga Lessons

Tara makes sure that she ends the day right and with this, she assists participants into doing yin yoga lesson. It is a more calming form of yoga where postures and gestures are projected longer. Worried if it’s your first? You don’t have to as Yoga at Kenya with Safari assures beginners and old students to achieve the maximum level of comfort that they should feel while in the program.

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They hope to inspire you and to direct you away from craving unnatural, processed foods and re-tune your palette towards natural foods that promote health, happiness and longevity. There is always an abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, as they are located on the Costa Tropical, and all food will be raw and vegan. Their motto is ‘Do you want to feel more alive? Eat more live food!’ 


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