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Surf Goddess Retreats is so much more than just another ‘retreat company’. It provides  a very personal experience in a sumptuous setting that offers a complete Balinese experience, filled with serenity, hospitality and tropical beauty. While on retreat, it is important that you are comfortable, filled with fun, and relaxed. Surf Goddess Retreats fulfill each of these three requirements. This is the ultimate chance to invigorate yourself and enjoy the health and fitness benefits of Surfing and Yoga.

People enjoy taking a health holiday or visiting a retreat as a good way re-charge and pamper themselves. Surf Goddess Retreats specializes in teaching women surf and yoga on a pampering and healthy holiday in exotic Bali. Surf and yoga retreats in Bali are growing in popularity. A short holiday at Surf Goddess Retreat can be all that’s needed to make your mind calm; re-energize your body, or even enjoy a variety of exercise classes to make the most from a short break. But the most important thing is that though it offers health retreats, Surf Goddess Retreats offer their services not in an obsessive healthy or restricted way. Surf Goddess Retreats, an amazing place with beautiful women, 5 star food, service and accommodation and a life experience no woman should deny herself.

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Bali Surf Lessons for Women

Surf Goddess Retreats is the perfect place for women who want to learn how to surf. All the instructors are great! There is reason why these ladies are considered the best surf school for women in region as everything they did was organized and professional. The ladies who lead the retreats are extremely effective at creating rapport and a great atmosphere in the villa.

With water temperatures averaging 28C/ 84F and consistent surf all year round, Bali is truly a surfers paradise. Bali is a tiny island that lives up to its reputation as both a beach paradise and a deeply spiritual place. For those of you who are as unfamiliar with the layout of Bali, there are many beaches from which you can choose on the West coast, the East coast, and the Southern tip of the island. Surf Goddess Retreats finds the best waves and beaches for you. Their lessons are especially designed for the Surf Goddesses, so you are sure to be standing up on the board by the end of your first lesson. The Rip Curl Surf school work well with the retreat and it was great to see all the smiles!

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Beginner – Novice

They specialize in introducing women to the sport of surfing for the first time! You will leave your first lesson feeling confident in your ability to progress and meet future lesson objectives. These beginners surfing lessons will help you get started. They will teach you how to easily jump and ride your board with control in the first lesson! You’ll find everything you need to understand and learn the basics of surfing and how to ride a board.


If you have learned all the surfing basics, and are ready move on to the intermediate surfing moves, intermediate surf lessons teach expertise in wave riding and prepares you for more challenging breaks on the reef and outer banks. Surf Goddesses offers coaching for intermediate surfers in group surfing lessons or on a one on one basis. If you know how to catch a wave and you’re comfortable in the surf and if you want to improve your technique and control, these intermediate coaching sessions show how to better identify a wave and use it to your advantage.


This program has been designed for experienced surfers. Once you have completed your intermediate level, you are now ready to learn a whole range of maneuvers. Advanced technique and Surfing fitness is necessary to perform at peak levels in the water and prevent injury. Experienced coaches will fine-tune your skills and help you to make a significant improvement in your surfing. If you want to perfect your style and learn the advanced surfing manoeuvers, then the Advanced Surf Course is for you.

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Bali Surf Yoga Retreat for Women

The owner and her team of inspiring women work hard to making your Yoga experience incredible whether you are new to Yoga or an experienced yogi. You will enjoy the wonderful warmth and hospitality of Bali and her people and the  physical and philosophical practice to promote your evolution as a strong, conscious, energized surfer. The morning yoga provides you with a gentle yet challenging way to start the day. Their well planned activities give you plenty of action as well as enough free time for extra pampering sessions.

Bali Surf Yoga Retreat for Women offers lessons that focus on moves which will provide the core strength and flexibility. Core stability provides a solid base from which to perform your surfing activities. There are variety workouts and ideas to build core strength. In addition to being a complete core solution, this retreat provides flexibility exercises for all fitness levels.

‘Yoga for Surfers’ sessions are grounded in the Hatha tradition. A retreat to relax and reconnect with nature through Hatha yoga. The acquired knowledge of Yoga will help to generate physical, mental and emotional balance much needed for the surfers.


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