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Surf Indian Yoga is located 1/2 a block from the beach. This place is developed by Janalyn, who is an experienced Surfer, artist, singer, yoga instructor. She has ten years Lifeguarding on the Ocean front for San Diego City Beaches, 14 years of surfing, and and 12 years of practicing yoga. She was so passionate with these activities that she developed this yoga retreat center through  travels to New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Mexico with just a yoga mat and a surfboard.

In this studio Janalyn could combine many of her loves into one unique studio, apart from all others. She completed her first Yoga Teacher training at The Yoga and Wellness Center on Coronado She completed her first Yoga Teacher training at The Yoga and Wellness Center on Coronado and completed her second and more extensive training through Santosha Yoga on an island off the coast of Australia and learned surfing from the former professional surfer Sunny Richards. All these experiences help her to be concentrated her studies on yoga for surfers and yoga therapy. This studio is decorated to surf-centric artistic representation which is open for your yogic expression.

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People who already know how to surf but want to improve their ability and don’t get enough time they can join Surfing classes offered by Surf Indian Yoga. If you join this surfing class you will and complete the session then you will find your body structure stronger, balanced and flexible. You will learn to hold breath for long time.

Women’s Surf Group:

This class is specially designed for women. The class firstly held in land so that the participants can prepare for surfing in the water and can increase their current knowledge.

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Surf Indian Yoga for the beginners:

People who are interested in Yoga and Surfing but didn’t do before, they can learn the techniques from this class. This class is specially designed with the primary yoga poses and with the techniques for surf. Yoga poses will help you to get ready for the waves.

Kid’s Yoga:

Kid’s can learn anything faster than the adult can. Surf Indian Yoga offers Kid’s Yoga which will teach the kids to learn the calming of the breath while getting the wiggles out through yoga postures. They will also learn the surf techniques on land so that they can handle waves safely.

Surf-Yoga adventure for parents and kids:

This class is designed for both kids and their mom and dad. The entire family will be able to spend some fun time together and also will learn the beginning surfing poses and also the breathing techniques which will help them to be more stable, focused and concentrated ultimately they will learn to surfing.


Surf Indian Yoga

4658 Mission Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92109

Call:  619.204.0155