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With 2580 miles (4300 km) from the northern border with Peru to the Strait of Magellan, Chile has a tremendously long coastline with wild and rocky cliffs, islands and beaches. Its stunning beauty fires the imagination and has been known to make poets out of barmen, dreamers out of presidents and friends out of strangers. Squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile is sometimes called the longest country in the world. The tourist attractions in Chile will surprise many and take the breath away of everyone else. Travelers including Surfers and Yogis from all over the World visit Chile that has many beaches for surfing and offers revitalizing health retreats.

Yoga, Surfing and Chile

Despite a very short surfing history, Chile has been increasingly in the international spotlight these last few years for its consistency, infinity of spots, huge and perfect waves. The water is pretty cold everywhere all-year, due to the Humbolt Current; but go explore and you’ll find pristine beaches and empty line-ups. Chile offers surfers of all abilities a wide range of challenging settings to explore. In an increasingly busy world, going for a surf and yoga retreat is a chance to get back to nature, improve your fitness level and fight the stress of hectic city life.

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Why Surf Locker

Surf Locker offers you something much better than the crowded surf spots and tropical beaches. It helps you find surf spots that hardly anyone knows and you might get some epic waves to yourself there. You will definitely love the strong winds and in addition to surfing, it is very common to see kite surfing, body boarding and other water activities. There are some mushy, beginner friendly waves, plus a healthy number of open beachbreaks that just love a small peaky summer pulse. . The best surfers in the world have been surfing in the central beaches and they return each year for more as these beaches are considered as the heart of Chilean surfing.

Surf Locker guides the guests through open landscape to the wilderness, an abundance of natural beauty and beautiful coastline and creates the opportunity to surf in more than 8 uncrowded world class surf spots, carefully selected so the surfing conditions are always great and often epic. They offer surf camps that include surf lessons and yoga sessions. In addition, their accommodations are located at really nice beach towns, close to beautiful landscape full of variation and perfect surf spots, restaurants, grocery stores and your guide will always be available to help with anything you need.

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Surf Instructor

Wondering about how to approach a new surf spot? Trinidad, a 22 year old Chilean Pro Surfer and surf instructor, will guide you. She lives in Pichilemu and has been surfing in this incredible place since she was 12 years old. Warm and enthusiastic Trinidad has represented Chile in several international surf competitions in Ecuador, Brazil, El Salvador, Panamá, Perú and Argentina. Trinidad also competes in the local circuit and has been doing very good! This Chilean surfer girl also studies photography, likes snowboarding and skateboarding. But what she likes the most, is going on surf trips, teaching other people how to surf and becoming friends with them.

Yoga Instructor

Valentina, an expert yoga instructor, has practiced Yoga in different schools and with different teachers in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. She is knowledgeable about various Yoga styles, but Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga are her favorites. She started teaching yoga almost 6 years ago. For the last 4 years she has been constantly surfing, realizing that surfing gives yogis an external experience of yoga.


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