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Morocco, the most westerly of the North African countries, is blessed with some of the world’s best waves and most diverse surf spots around. The area of Taghazout gives its best conditions from December to end February, beginning of march. Taghazout has a number of golden sandy beaches that are excellent for surfing and learning to surf.So come and experience the real Morocco and discover the vibrant culture, practice Yoga in a breathtaking location, and surf in perfect warm water waves in some of the top places to learn, improve or practice surfing.

Surf Maroc is one of the most peaceful places imaginable to practice yoga in Morocco. Surf Maroc is Morocco’s leading surf company that provides breathtaking, unparalleled and exotic yoga and surfing holidays. It offers surf camps yoga-surf retreats, lessons and equipment hire. With their Surf Yoga Retreats you can experience daily surfing and yoga in Morocco. 

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Surf Maroc allows you access to some of the most beautiful parts of Morocco and offers one of the best accommodation options for surfers available in one place. From the luxury surfing holidays at Villa Mandala, the legendary surf camp at Taghazout Villa, the great value and atmosphere at the Auberge or our range of beachside apartments we have something to suit every surfer and non surfers too. And it’s all on the beach in front of Morocco’s world class surf. The staff are all friendly and accommodating, the accommodation was clean and secure and the yoga instructors were amazing.

Their services have been created with the sole aim of offering  balancing, enjoyable and active surfing and yoga holiday. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy a wonderful sensitizing yoga class with one of our world renowned teachers and  have a surfing lesson. Taghazout villa is very clean, nicely furnished and has lots of great areas to sit and hang out with the other guests.

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This is an awesome opportunity to practice Yoga in a  stunning location. Surf in  warm water waves. Sleep in a comfortable villa. Eat healthy foods. Re-energize yourself and feel rejuvenated. Yoga Surf Retreats are perfect surf, yoga and health retreat for women traveling solo or with friends.  The staff and guides are world class the rooms are well appointed and have everything you need. Yoga Surf Retreats will explore the grounding, centering and peaceful benefits of yoga mixed with the fun, excitement and exhilaration of surfing waves. Be adventurous and transform yourself during the  retreats with Surf Maroc. Definitely a place where you could chill out for a few days and relax on the beach or in the villa.


Surf Maroc offers inspiring, spicy, fun, joyful and uplifting yoga classes for all levels taught by 2 amazing yoga teachers. Surf Maroc Yoga blends dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Kundalini and calming, gentle Hatha & Restorative Yin Yoga. No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, you’ll find our classes uplifting, energetic, and rewarding. Both the teachers are inspirational and have so much to offer his students.

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Surf Maroc’s aim is to provide the best possible surf holidays. So they have selected some of the best places in some of the best locations. 


The accommodation is clean and comfortable and the communal eating and socializing adds to the whole experience. There is various outside chill areas which are perfect for relaxing after a days surf and to meet and mingle with other surfers at the villa. 


Its unique, characteristic layout, central location and fantastic views of Anchor Point have helped create an incredible experience guests come back to year after year. The good side of this villa is that it is clean and most of the staff is friendly.


The Villa is gorgeous. The location was fantastic, a tall building perched beside the sea, with spectacular sunset views from our balcony.


Surf Maroc

Taghazout, Agadir, Morocco

Phone: +44 20 8123 0319



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