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Women with Surfing board

Surf with Amigas is specially designed for the women who are adventurous and sometimes also for the men. But the question comes how it is different from other women’s surf and yoga retreats. The total review will reveal the answer. Firstly this retreat is different in its experience and attitude. After joining the retreat center you will meet  a team of instructors who will assist the professional surfer Holly Beck. They will teach you how to surf and if you are already a surfer then you will learn how to improve your skill. You will also get the video footage of every session which will help you to observe whether you are following the right technique or not and you can improve your skill.


Surf Instructor Holly Beck:

Holly Beck is the professional surfer who always loved the water and wanted to learn Surfing when she was only 12 years old. She started surfing from her 15. She won the amateur National Surfing Championships. Holly grew up the oldest of five girls in Palos Verdes, CA. After completing her MBA she planned to start a women’s surf school in Nicaragua.She founded Suave Dulce in 2010 and later changed the name to Surf With Amigas.

Yoga Instructor Nikki Belcher:

Nikki was introduced to the ancient discipline ‘Yoga’ by a friend in 2009. When she was very depressed and was trying to find a way which might help her to overcome all the depression, stress, tension and anxiety, she began to inquire about the rising fad of yoga and Pilates. After a long journey she found her way to El Coco Loco and joined the team at Surf With Amigas. She is working as a Yoga instructor here and meeting  women from all over the world of all different ages. She supports people in their ability to see their full potential.


Woman enjoying surfing


If you are a beginner and want to surf or if you are already an advanced surfer then Surf with Amigas will help you to achieve your goal. The primary location where you will learn Surfing is a remote and uncrowded area of Northern Nicaragua with awesome waves for surfing. This place is especially good for the beginners.

People practicing Yoga


Surf with Amigas also offers Yoga sessions between the surfing sessions. Yoga is a perfect exercise for the surfers. This discipline helps to work on flexibility, core strength, balance and breathing. The Yoga instructor will show you different types of yoga poses so that you feel challenged as well as supported.


Surf with Amigas



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