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Sri Lanka, an island floating in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, is very famous for its beaches. The entire island is surrounded by blue crystal clear ocean. The surf in Sri Lanka is there on the whole south coast. It is said that the best time for surfers to go to Sri Lanka is from April through to October. Sri Lanka is an exciting and uncrowded surfing destination which will pleasantly surprise you by numerous things. An untouched trio of mountains, jungles, and white-sand beaches has put Sri Lanka on travelers’ maps for years, and now the country’s recent stability has made it a more appealing option in South Asia than ever before. Sri Lanka is a country of splendid beaches. In addition to beautiful, and mostly deserted, beaches, Sri Lanka has jungles, waterfalls, high mountains, and amazing animals. 

Set in a prime seaside location beside one of Sri Lanka’s most undiscovered and sheltered beaches, Talalla Retreat is a boutique hotel and yoga retreat  center. Unlike other tourist attractions, surfing is not something that could be done in every beach and sand. Overlooking an undiscovered beach of calm turquoise sea at the southern tip of Sri Lanka beside the village of Gandara, Talalla Retreat offers beat beaches for surfing. Talalla is featured in the 2012 edition of the Lonely Planet Guide to Sri Lanka as “one of the best beach hotels in Sri Lanka” situated on a picture-postcard, golden sand beach, fringed by coconut palms and brightly coloured fishing boats. Occasional yoga, tai chi and meditation courses are run in the spacious pavilion; daily drop-in yoga classes and private tuition are also usually available. Talalla Retreat is set in beautiful grounds, with a huge yoga shala and just a short stroll from the beach.

Just a minute’s walk from Talalla Beach, this resort offers all the ingredients for a relaxed and peaceful stay that will enhance one’s well being. This is a stunning, relaxing, peaceful, friendly place to stay where the guests can enjoy a wide range of activities, with a focus on yoga and surfing, to add to their journey towards total relaxation. It’s a wonderful place for a relaxed holiday on the beach, in tranquil surroundings. Whether you are looking for abundance of activities or a true get-away from it all, this is the place to be.

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Yoga at Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka

If you want to relax and do yoga and relax in Sri Lanka, Talalla Retreat can be your next destination. Talalla Retreat has in-house Yoga instructors and a Surfing guide and both the options are of very good quality. Yoga teachers Saffron and Emily give some of the best yoga classes in that region. Both of them are wonderful to get to know as well. With services for your body, mind and spirit, Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka focuses on a total well being experience for all who visit.  This retreat is designed to enliven the senses, Inspire the Soul and nourish the Inner-self. Each four internationally renowned yoga teachers are invited to live on-site for three month intervals. These Yoga instructors leads 90 minute yoga classes offered every morning and afternoon. Talalla Retreat is host to South East Asia’s largest open air yoga pavilion, comfortably fitting up to 45 participants at one time.

surfing in talalla retreat

Surf Packages with Talalla Retreat

Daily Casual lessons are designed specially for short stay guests. There are a lot of surf retreat packages available throughout the year. 

Surf with Garrett Lane: Garrett is a Certified Surf Instructor with Surfing Western Australia and is qualified in Community Surf Rescue. He says “surfing is actually a calming and aggression release or me. I can meditate out in the water alone and if I’m pissed about something I can let all my anger out on the wave.”

Surf with Jack Phillips: The resident surf coach is none other than Newquay’s Jack Phillips, a professional BSA Certified Surf Instructor & RLSS Professional Beach Lifeguard.


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Phone: +94 41 2 259171

Email: info@talallaretreat.com; marketing@talallaretreat.com

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