The Perfect Wave-Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat

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Togat Nusa Retreat

People who want to escape from the busy daily life and want to be relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated, they can chose Togat Nusa Surf and Yoga Retreat for enjoying a perfect holiday. You will find this a private, tropical and magical island. If you follow the way directed through the center of the island and walk among a lush and tropical rainforest full of local orchids, climbing vines and many types of wild animals. This island is also the home of many bird species. 

If you look out over a turquoise lagoon at the front of the island you will have an easy access to Scarecrows,  a long left hand wave peels around the fringing coral reef, Icelands, Telescopes and 7 Palms fringed mainland and waves breaking on distant reef passes. Only 6 guests can stay at a time in Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat. Though it is a small retreat center, it serve its guests well. It provides the most unique relaxing holiday experience.


Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat offers many types of activities like swimming, yoga, massage, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, beachcombing, meditation etc.

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Surfers will enjoy surfing in the Mentawai Island. This is very popular for surfing because of its quality of waves and consistency as surf zone. From April to October is the peak season for surfing as storm activity is great for surfing. You will also be able to access to a number of quality breaks on Pitojat Island, off the northern end of Sipora Island.


Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat arranges a very high standard of accommodations and personal space accommodation for its guest. The time you will spend at this retreat, you will find all the comfort there. All of the 3 traditionally-inspired bungalows are uniquely designed. These buildings are built in the same style as the main building, using recycled timbers and driftwood. There are private bathrooms with running hot water attached to all the bungalows and also have fans . After entering the building you will find the hand-built custom furniture and antique lighting and fixtures left over from Dutch fishing vessels. This retreat maximizes its local surroundings and functions as a partial eco resort by using local Mentawai builders under the guidance of John Ocean.
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You will have an abundance of fresh foods including meats, fish, local fruits and vegetables. If you wish you can also have home baked breads and pastries. In the Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat there are experienced Indonesian chef who can make the delicious dish with the combination of traditional and western recipes.
For breakfast you can choose from home made granola, fruit, coffee and tea, omelettes, pancakes, french toast, eggs and bacon. And at lunch and dinner you can take buffet style pizza, pasta, burritos, Indonesian dishes, lumpias, fresh fish, roast chicken, fresh salads, donuts, desserts, cake etc.
There is a bar was the first building on the island and is essentially the hub of all island activity.In this bar you will find a variety of beers and spirits as well makes cocktails and fresh fruit smoothies.


Togat Nusa Surf & Yoga Retreat

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