The Yoga Farm

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The Yoga Farm is sets amidst beautiful tropical rainforest and overlooks amazing ocean view. Situated in the southernmost Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it is rustis yoga center and sustainable living project. People who are seeking a place for enjoying a Yoga vacation in a natural setting and want to reconnect with body, mind and nature, they will find this farm absolutely perfect. This farm welcome the guests who want to stay for few days and also those who want to stay for few months and the lodge also ensures its guests enjoy the Pura Vida. While staying at this lodge, you will get opportunity to practice yoga, hike the forest, enjoy relaxed time at the beautiful beach, eat healthy food as well as breath lots of fresh air. The location of this farm is considered as one of the most biologically diverse region of the world.


This farm has a aim to improve sustainable awareness and to minimize the negative impacts on this world. It encourages its guests to follow sustainability. For the entire farm, solar energy is used and has an elaborate rain-water and spring-fed water system to store water.

In this lodge property you will find an organic farm from where fresh fruits and vegetables are produced and these are used for preparing the delicious dishes. Food products are also collected from local markets. This lodge also collects all the necessary products locally as sustainable as possible. In this farm it also has small flock of free range chickens that gives a bountiful supply of eggs. It also own a horse called MoMo that helps to carry the provisions up to the farm and to keep CO2 emissions low.


yoga-farmThe Yoga Farm provides a main house that is a large two story building that is featured with all the amenities and facilities that the guests need for enjoying a comfortable stay. Overlooking stunning ocean view, this lodge allow the natural air enter the house that keeps the environment pleasant. In the first floor of the house you will find a hot-stone sauna, a communal space and also all the necessary amenities and facilities. There is a kitchen or Rancho, set apart from the main house and ideally designed for enjoying food in a large family style.

This Yoga Farm also provides two private cabins available upon request and those cabins are nestled high above the rest of the farm property. If you want to stay at this farm with your partner and seek more privacy, you will find these cabins perfect. From these cabins you will enjoy watching different species of wildlife and the newest cabin is in particular looks out upon a beautiful forested valley.

There is a wooden-floored Yoga deck ideally designed for the Yoga lovers to enjoy practicing Yoga workouts.

Healthy living:

While staying at the Yoga Farm for a few days or months, the guests can enjoy practicing healthy living. Each of the day you will get three healthy, primarily vegetarian meals and will stay at the eco-friendly accommodations. Here you will drink fresh drinking water that usually collected from two delicious springs and will breath fresh air around the property. Here you will also enjoy practicing Yoga workouts per day six day a week that allows the the yogis continue their daily practice.


You will not only enjoy the daily activities but also can join the workshops based on Yoga and break-dancing. Anyone can join this workshop but not mandatory for all. The Yoga Farm offers the workshops for all including the volunteers at the farm stay at the farm during the workshop dates.


The Yoga Farm

Punta Banco, Costa Rica